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* Deepawali tips according to your zodiac sign *
 * Diwali tips according to your zodiac signs *
Mesh Rashi (Aries)
1. For progress - the walls of your prayer room should be painted red.
2. for Wealth -  On the night of Dipawali , use the mix of chandan and kesar to paint a white cloth and keep this on a safe place. After improvement throw it in running water.
3. On dhanteras you light a oil diya at the main entrance of your house.
Vrishab Rashi (Taraus )
1. Use white colour in your Pooja room.
2. If you are suffering from problems take five peepal leaves colour them in yellow chandan and leave them in flowing water. 
Mithun Rasi (Gemini)
1.  Your place of worship should be light green in colour
2. Place a SUNKH in your home at Pooja room.
Kark Rasi (Cancer)
1.   Apply light green colour in your room.
2.  If you having loss in business plant a money plant in your home.
Singh Rashi (Leo)
1. Paint blood red colour in your home for get success.
2.  Plant a money tree and  on the night of diwali place a deepak at main dour. 
Kanya Rashi (Virgo)
1.  Painted white colour in Pooja room.
2.  At the time of laxmi pujan offers a coconut to shree laxmi.
Tula rasi ((Libra)
1.  Use green colour .
2. Go to laxmi mandir and offers a coconut
3. On the occasion of diwali feed nine young girls with something sweet.
Vrikshik Rashi (scorpio)
1.  Use white colour in Pooja room
2.  For wealth apply mixture of chandan and gulab jal on forehead.
Dhanu Rasi (Saggitarius)
1.  Apply light blue colour in Pooja room.
2.  Use aak cotton in diya.
Makar Rasi (Capricorn
1.  Apply green colour .
2. Use aak cotton light a diya.
Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius)
1.  Use green colour in home
2. Plant a banyan tree in home.
Meen Rashi (pisces)
1. Paint white colour in Pooja room.
2. Plant a money tree and keep Gangajal in home.